One of the biggest challenges of breath holding is adapted from his body and face deprevation sense of oxygen. A popular training technique is the apnea walk.

This consists of a preparation “breathe-up, followed by a short (typically 1 minute) breath are taken at rest. Without breaking the hold, the participant then initiates a walk as far as he can, until it becomes necessary to breathe. Athletes can do about 400 meters in training this way.

This technique allows the body learns to cope with the accumulation of CO2 and trains the muscles to work anaerobically. It is also very easy to track your progress, and you only need to record the distance you can travel while holding your breath.

If you go to incrase the time you can hold your breath, there are some basic things you will want to do before coming to training.

1) If you smoke – stop! Quitting smoking greatly increase the amount of oxygen that can absorb and how well your body performs.

2) Make sure you are in reasonable physical conditions: This means that the cardio: running, swimming, cycling. All these exercises will increase the efficiency and strength of your heart and lungs.

3) Eat well and sleep well: Do not try to sound like your mother, but the exercise is pretty useless unless you give your body the fuel and the rest you need to carry out.

4) Learn techniques relxation: Part of being a holder of good breathing means being able to control his body. Sara Campbell, a record apnea puts much of its success in yoga.

Breath holding is one of the most important aspects of becoming a good free diver. Free divers explore water without holding an air supply with them. Usually, only the absolute basic diving equipment (fins, snorkel mask, and weights).

An average free diver can hold his breath for about two minutes before having to surface. While you can hold your breath while reading this article, it is interesting that it’s actually easier to hold your breath while due to the dive reflex in mammals. The mammalian dive reflex (mainly active when the cold water is splashed on the face) causes the body to reduce the rate of movement and thus reduce oxygen consumption, allowing the person to hold their breath for longer.

So what makes the momentum of breath? A whole lot of things really. When deprived of a source of fresh air, a lot of alarm bells ringing in your body. Interestingly, however, is not the lack of oxygen (O2), but the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) that causes the drive to breathe. Free professional divers sometimes hyper-ventilate before immersion, as was trying to dump carbon dioxide from your lungs as possible. This method is recommended against those who are not professional divers under the supervision of bulk, increasing the potential for disrupting the supply of shallow water, usually quickly followed by drowning.

Aruba is one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), located in the southern Caribbean and offer all year round diving conditions warm and clear.

Aruba is known for its ruins. There is a mixture of artificial reefs with divers plunged into the mind and Shipwrecks “genuine.”

Aruba, Wreck Diving – Dive Sites Top
As you’ve probably gathered, Aruba has plenty of ruins to explore. Some of the most popular wreck divers are the Antilla, C Jane and the YS-11.

Antilla shipwreck diving
The German freighter Antilla is suspected of supplying submarines in the area during World War 2 was sunk to become one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean.
She was anchored in Aruba when Germany invaded the Netherlands and the captain was given 24 hours to the delivery of the ship – which sank instead.

Waste of 120m in length is in its port side in the sand to a depth of 18 meters and almost reaches the surface. Is incredible, and youi can dive several times and still not see everything. The storms have affected the Antilla and local dive operators say they are sure to penetrate the wreck, but there are plenty of swim-through, especially around the stern. It is a ruin to explore – in this case, the bigger the wreck, the better!

The visibility is not as good as other dive sites due to the shallow depth, the wreck is very popular among divers, so be sure to watch out for traffic above.

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